Friday, October 30, 2015

Finally Friday

 Fences going up at the farm...

Fancy finery for fall concert...

They clean up pretty well, don't they?  The fall concert Tuesday night was very enjoyable.

Feline infirmary... kittens weren't so playful last night after their day at the vet.


I've renamed this little one TINY.  She still isn't two pounds which means her trip to the vet will have to be postponed.  They wouldn't do her surgery Thursday because she is too small.

They two guys (not Grant) were stepping pretty gingerly last night after their procedures.

And I'm happy to report all three have been adopted.  They have not gone home with their new owners because the paperwork/payment hasn't been finalized with the animal shelter.
Remember back in the good old days when a person wanting a cat went to the nearest farm and got one?  I can honestly say this is ridiculously similar to the hoops people must jump through when adopting a newborn baby.  Kinda crazy if you ask me.

Probably that's exactly why no one asked me.

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