Thursday, October 8, 2015

My Apologies

It seems we have taken crazy to a whole new level around here.  Nothing out of the ordinary going on, just a lot more happening all at once.  You know.  Four kids.  One mom.  Kinda makes the scales imbalanced.  Thus my need to apologize for a week of blogging silence.

Last weekend was fall break.  We had a blissful five consecutive days without the 5:45 wake-up call that I despise.

We spent the first few days of break camping again this year at Renfro Valley with Grandma and Grandpa.

Thank you guys for putting up with us and with the rain.  We had a great time and hope you did too.  I'm glad everything ended well and you ultimately made it home safely.

While camping, we learned about eight week old triplets waiting to be adopted.  They needed a foster family to care for them.  We agreed to take in all three babies.

Here Grace and Emily are holding two of the babies.

What's that?

Oh!  You thought I meant human triplets!  Thankfully no.  This fostering job involves four legged furry babies that, though adorable, can be locked in a cage when they become overwhelming to manage.

 They traveled home with us in deluxe accommodations.  First class cat travelers rode in our camper's shower.  See?

Well, most of the way they rode in the shower.  The last few miles were spent on the laps of my very excited kids.

I had hoped they would be placed by now, but no such luck.  We are on a waiting list with three different shelters.  Apparently it has been a busy summer in the world of kitty romances.

 Aren't they cute?  Please feel free to share our news.  I will happily skip the humane society and place them privately with interested parties.

Until they find their furrever home, we are enjoying our time loving on them and playing with them.  And if it has escalated our lives to new levels of crazy, you won't hear us complaining.  All you can hear are giggles and purrs.  That's pretty okay with me!

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