Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall Sports

Isn't water skiing a fall sport?  It is at the zoo.  

With so many activities associated with school and church now, we don't get many opportunities to hit the water.

 We did make it out one evening last week when the thermometer was still reading in the 80s for highs.
This guy learned how to ski.  He hit the water many times but kept on trying!  Way to go, Grant!

 This gal managed to ski too.  She didn't ski quite as far as Grant, but she definitely was up on two skis.  Good job, Grace!

The most fun though seems to be on the tube.  We spend a lot of time dragging kids up and down the lake.

 John likes the knee board too.  I wouldn't be able to walk after bouncing around on that thing, but he thinks it's fun.

 Probably won't get to ski any more this year looking at the calendar.  I hope I'm wrong.  It's one sport we all enjoy doing.

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