Monday, October 12, 2015

One Day Old!

Look what David found in the barn Sunday morning!  They were just a few hours old at the time I took these pictures.

Baby #1

 Baby #2

Mom and babies are doing great.  Still waiting on the other two mommas to deliver.  
The kids didn't get to hold the babies since they were still trying to bond with their mom.  We will save that for another weekend.

Instead they spent the day playing with the kittens.  Yes.  We took the kittens to the farm this weekend. 

And NO to all you Simms men wondering if we came up missing any kittens when we finished cooking chili. 

Remington is still not sure what to think about these guys.  He spends hours staring through the kennel door at them even when they are sleeping.  And if they are out playing, he is right there in the middle of things watching out for them.

The kittens are not pleased with their designated guardian.  They spend a lot of time hissing and growling at him.

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