Tuesday, October 13, 2015

 Saturday was Chili Day at the farm

 David started things bright and early that morning.

 In a short time we were well on our way.

 When Remington wasn't guarding the kittens, he took a turn guarding the kettle.  The heat of the fire was the only thing keeping him honest at this moment.  If he could have gotten close enough, I'm sure he would have been sampling the goods in the pot.

Talk about perfect weather.  The day was beautiful!

Grace had to sweep the cobwebs from the barn off of her bicycle before she rode it.  Definitely not a problem they deal with in town.

 Remington staring down a kitten in the yard.

Meg giving us her best roadkill impersonation...

 20 gallons went in the freezer for later but there was plenty left for lunch and dinner too.

John and some high school buddies camped back in the woods Friday night.  They ran off about lunchtime to hit the corn maze down the road a few miles.  We took all of the kids and a friend of Emily's back to do the corn maze later in the evening.  This was the first year we tackled the maze in the dark.  It was definitely fun and slightly spooky wandering in the dark through the corn.  Luckily three iPhones with flashlight apps helped us navigate rather efficiently.  Given the limited battery life remaining, we were lucky not to spend the night wandering through the corn.  I wonder how long they wait to rescue lost souls at closing time?

Also done in the dark this year was our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.  Flashlights added to the fun.  Jack-O-Lantern carving is right around the corner!  Can't wait!!

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