Sunday, December 13, 2009

Confidence (alternately titled - Aim Carefully)

I usually don't post too many naked pictures, but this one is too good to resist. 

I was looking through old pictures tonight to work on a "project".  I have fun anytime I get to look at old pictures.  This one though made me stop and laugh out loud tonight.  So in spite of today being Grant's BIG DAY (more on that tomorrow), I had to post this tonight.

I caught Grace doing this several times before I had foresight to set the camera out in order to capture the moment. 

 She had seen the boys of the house standing to pee and thought that she should be capable of said talent.  The lack of some rather important equipment did not dampen her enthusiasm while trying.  She gave it her best shot (no pun intended).  Might I say she had some wickedly good aim too considering she was two at the time....better than .....well, I won't go there!

Oh, and remember my comment about NEVER eating/drinking out of the play kitchen toys???  Not long after this picture was taken, she brought me the coffee pot from her play kitchen.  It was FULL. 

I asked her what was I supposed to do with it.  She told me to dump it in the potty since she had PEED IN IT!!  Not a drop had she gotten on the floor anywhere while filling or carrying the crazy thing.  I still haven't figured out how she managed to hit that tiny little container.  Probably best I don't know.

Let me repeat, NEVER take anything offered from their kitchen....NEVER!!!

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