Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Grace - both kinds

I don't know if I jinxed myself or not, but I said my kids would fall like dominos during the Christmas break and I was right (aren't I always?)(don't answer that!!).

Anyway, Emily started the movement with her three days of sick leave from school right before break started.  I KNEW what I was in for at that point.  Grant was next.  He started in on the 23rd being cranky.  By noon on Christmas Eve he was down for the count.  He did perk up long enough on Christmas to open gifts and see what Santa brought.

John was next.  He fell victim to it on Saturday.  By Sunday he slept most of the day away.  He's still not feeling the greatest.

And WHO should get up this morning running a fever?.......none other than Grace!  She is whipped at this point.  We'll see how she feels by morning.

I was lying in bed with her tonight waiting on the magic of Children's Tylenol to take effect.  While lying there I had a few quiet moments to reflect...hey what else do you do at midnight lying next to your four year old sleeping firecracker?  So reflect I did......

I am blessed.

I have four wonderful kids I adore.

I have four healthy kids.  Yes, I understand what I just noted above, but I mean HEALTHY kids.

I live in a great country.

I am married to the person who is exactly right for me.

I have too many animals in my house (you didn't think I could be serious for too long did you?).

I have a wonderful extended family that I don't see often enough.

There is not nor ever will be even one thing I can do to "deserve" the blessings that have been poured out on me.

Feverish sick kids and all, I am blessed.

One of my all time favorite songs....

No Other Word For Grace

There's no other word for grace but amazing
No other explanation will do
Unmerited favor the song that I sing. 
There's no other word for grace, but amazing.

Now the Father looked beyond the failures I had made
He didn't seem to notice all the times that I had not obeyed
He overlooked all the scars of sin I felt in me
And the grace, oh the grace that He showed still amazes me

A link to hear the entire song


Every day His grace amazes me.

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  1. never thought of it like that...OK, I meant the four legged kinds.

    We'll save a few germs for you, but right now everyone seems to have recovered. How brave are you?