Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Toy Time - Tea Time

Grant has been happily launching cars across my kitchen floor with his new birthday present.  Here he is in action.

 And what does he play with while his sister is at preschool??

 His sister's tea set                   

Poor Meg is the only one here to play with when the older kids are at school.

  So of course Meg gets included in lots of playtime with Grant.  But how does a dog play "teaparty" you ask?



 PS Don't drink ANYTHING out of the kids' play dishes.....I repeat,ANYTHING!!!


Grace couldn't find her glasses this morning.........

.........so she borrowed Mr. Potato Head's glasses for the day.  They will work in a pinch I guess.


 Last night while getting the kids ready for bed Grace announced that she wanted to wear one of Grant's overnight diapers to bed (he still is using up the last ones)(no point wasting them is there?).  Being the open, understanding mother that I am not I of course said she could wear one of the diapers for the night.  She was really excited.

Fast forward to today when I picked her up at school.  She seemed rather unhappy which is unusual when she's at school.  I asked her what was wrong.

She said (while holding back tears) "Can I take this off?"

I thought she meant her tights and told her of course she could.  She is funny that way.  There are days she's half naked by the time I pull out of the school parking lot with her.

I waited for her to remove the tights.  When I turned around to verify she was buckled in her carseat I noticed she had taken EVERYTHING off of the bottom half of herself....and there on the floor was the overnight diaper.

She wore it to school!!!

When I asked her about it, her only comment was "but I didn't pee in it!"

Geesh!!  There are days I worry about my kids being normal.  Most days I just know.........they're NOT!

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