Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

John made this puppet for school.  It was a literature project where he had to read a biography about a famous author.  He then had to make a puppet representing the person he studied.  Finally he did an Oprah style interview using the puppet to answer the students' interview questions.  I think he did a pretty good job.  For the life of me, right now i cannot think who his author was.   Brain cells are dying daily you know!!

The puppet was just lying here the other day.  I was getting ready to put it in his box of school papers.  I've already put Emily's in her paper box.  I'll have to get it out and take a picture of it to share too.


We had our company Christmas party last night.  We do not have holiday parties at our company.  If the employees don't want to celebrate Christmas, then they can opt not to attend.  It's that simple. 

All but one that said they would be there showed up.  I think everyone had a good time playing pool and darts and eating (of course).  We do tournaments with each.  We also recognize years of service.  One lady has been there fifteen years.  That is longer than David!!!

It was a late night followed by an early morning to get to church on time, but a lot of fun.


Grace tried on her new lip gloss for church today.  What do you think????

We played outside this afternoon for a couple hours.  Man, was it cold!!!  The kids rode bikes and played on the swings.  John and Emily played on the neighbor's trampoline for a long time.  I actually got the last of the flower beds cleaned up for the winter.  I am so slow getting it done this year for some reason.

Once we were frozen solid, we came inside to warm up.  The kids thought it was a super treat to have hot chocolate, popcorn and Christmas cookies for dinner tonight in front of our newly decorated Christmas tree in the living room.  They then settled in to watch a Christmas movie for the evening.  It was a pretty peaceful (unusual) evening to end the weekend.


 I am STILL waiting on the elves to show up and wrap my Christmas presents for this year.  I guess I'm going to have to wrap them myself.  Darn elves!!

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