Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday

Somebody had a birthday Sunday.

Lucky for me, he likes the same things his big brother did at that age.  I seem to recall another Shupe boy with a Thomas cake.

We had John and Emily and some little orphan girl  Grace  helping to celebrate the big occasion.

Grant proudly displayed his Thomas cake.  He kept wanting to taste the different colors of icing as I made the cake last week.  He'd try a color and say "Mmmm, this ones the greatest!!" or "I like this one best." 

Ummm, Grant, it's all the same icing, just changed the colors.

Make a wish, and blow out those candles!!  He got them in one try.  He ought to with the set of lungs he owns!!

Then it was on to the presents.

Grandparents were all sweet enough to mail him a birthday present.  This is the Disney "Cars" Geotrax set that we got him.  One of the cars has a remote control with it.  He thought it was pretty neat since he's into the movie "Cars" right now.   

We had a nice day celebrating.  I keep wondering how this is going to work when he's old enough he wants a real birthday party with kids and games.  Maybe I can convince him to celebrate the half year birthday in the summer instead, hmmmmm.

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  1. Looks as if everyone had a good time! Good night charly! Oop! I mean Grant (:-)