Thursday, March 11, 2010


Memo to self.....remember these things......

- remember how Grant has to have the bedroom door closed at night because the shadow cast by the fish tank onto the ceiling makes "monsers" in his room

- remember how his eyes get heavier and heavier as he lays in the dark talking to us at bedtime until he cannot keep them open a moment more

- remember how Grace insists right now on going to bed wearing full princess regalia from gown to slippers and crown some nights....."because that is what Cinderalla does....right Mom?"

- remember how they use the doll house dolls (named John and Emily) to play hide and seek over and over and over and over in an afternoon

- remember how every day we have to review what day of the week it is and how many days until Friday and gymnastics because little girls just cannot quite grasp the days of the week in order yet

- remember the noise and chaos of John and Emily coming home from school full of stories to tell and things to share....I'm sure that will change some day

-remember the smile on their faces when I show up for lunch in the cafeteria...I'm sure that will change some day soon too

-remember when boys have cooties and girls have germs and GOD FORBID we "like-like" someone of the opposite sex

- remember to smile.....someday I'll be glad I did


Some days seem so busy doing the exact same thing that I did the day before and the day before
the same things I will do over again tomorrow and the next day
the things that seem so little and unimportant today

A person thinks it is impossible to ever forget these days
but they do forget
I know I will not remember most of these things some day
I want to gather up a few pieces of the craziness now
to enjoy some day later

that's why I write

I love pictures.....I think I've mentioned that a time or two or ten.
Pictures are wonderful, but they only show the moment.
I want to remember what we were like in that moment.
well, maybe not ALL of the moments,
but some........ 
for my blog/scrapbook/journal

so just remember you're not only sharing my blog with me, this is my journal too....

you know,
the one I've started a dozen times
the one I've worked on for a week or two
then laid aside
the one with all the blank pages that I look at and wish I knew what they could have said
had I taken time then to write it down

I knew I would remember those moments
how could I ever forget???

Well, I do forget. 
They change so fast.  They move on to the next stage and suddenly I've forgotten the last one.

so now,
no more blank pages
I have finally conquered my inadequacy as a journaler

so here it is
thoughts rambled about
unedited, crazy, incoherent
I might as well capture how scattered and crazy my thoughts get sometimes
as I live out these days raising our family 



and now, we return you to your normal blog!


We're leaving for the weekend.  Have a good one.  I plan to.


  1. Good night Charly and Mom also Love, Grandpa

  2. This was kind of depressing in a nice way...I like it. Very deep and thoughtful. Have a good weekend! I'll be thinking of you while I'm in...FLORIDA!! :-)