Wednesday, March 10, 2010

P is for puppet and P is for pee

Quick post tonight.....

I'm packing....
us to a free weekend
emily to a friend's birthday party for the weekend
john to a webelos campout
grace and grant to grandma's
dogs and cats to kennel

all of us to florida next week....

life is a bit busy, but wanted to put these on here so I can claim equal time for my kids!!

This is John and Emily's class during their Civil War presentation at school.

John (well, actually his puppet) on the right as William Tecumseh Sherman while he gave his speech.

Now Emily on the right as Sojourner Truth giving her speech.

They both did a nice job.


It has been beautiful here today.  I know this is a gift.  It is also a big tease because it is supposed to return to the low forty's for a high here next week.  Bummer.

We played outside this afternoon and evening....taking full advantage of the sunshine.  They loved it.


This would be Grant

outside enjoying nature

and answering

nature's call.

AHHHHHH, country life!!

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