Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm THREE....no, TWO!

Grace was modeling her new swimsuit the other day.  I am not sure about her choice of footwear.

How to spend a weekend at the farm?

Teach your sister to play chess....
(forget to tell her the rules that would help her win)(by ACCIDENT of course)

build a fire for a boyscout badge

enjoy an evening weiner roast with your family for the same boyscout badge.

Put the little ones to bed then see who can prevail at a game of spoons followed by a game of Skipbo.


a lot.


My computer must have caught the same virus that we passed around the past few weeks.  It has been sick for about a week now.  Half of the time I cannot get to the internet or download pictures.


Just kidding.


 Stranger at the store:  You are a big boy.  How old are you?

Grant:  I'm two.

Mom:  You're not two.  You're three!!

Grant:  No I'm not!  I turned back into two!

He has maintained for quite a while now that he IS NOT three anymore.  I guess I am going to let him win this argument........I'll choose to pick my battles.

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