Tuesday, March 30, 2010

O and P

B is for baseball which my boy began playing.  His first game was tonight and they won.  He belongs to the Yankees this year.  I really like his coach so far.  He seems to really care about the kids as much or more than winning.  To me, that makes him a winner.


Observations and Ponderings

Why is a bird in the hand worth two in the bush?  Does the one in the hand cost twice as much?

Why is there a bird building its nest in my dryer vent?  Do dryer vents look like tree limbs?

Why does a drive-thru ATM have braille instructions posted on it?  Do blind people drive?

Why does sand stick to things so stubbornly until very moment you DON'T WANT it to fall off?  I think I have a pound of sand in the car floorboards.

Why do I after nine years living in this house STILL reach to the wrong side of the bathroom doorway for the lightswitch? 

Why do I not change Grace's clock in her room when I know it is exactly 24 minutes slow?  Why do I continue to just look at it and add 24 minutes each time?

Why can I not find Grace's glasses?  Have you seen them? 

Why can I think of something important then not remember it by the time I get to the memo board to write it down? 

Why would a three year old boy throw his sister's dollhouse pieces into the trash can where I just deposited a week's worth of rabbit poo? 

Why does it not seem gross to sort through rabbit poo looking for dollhouse pieces after eight years of changing (and analyzing)(come on all you mothers have done it) poopy diapers? 

Who said M & M's for breakfast was unhealthy?  Three year olds seem OK with it.

Why does beating my ten year old at ping pong become so difficult after a couple long islands? 

Does beating a ten year old at ping pong seem all that important?  (not after a few long islands!)

Where do you find closure?  According to Grant, it can be bought at Kroger!!

Why does my three year old KNOW the word "closure"?

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