Monday, March 1, 2010

Kid Stuff

Grace decided to go swimming today.  She was trying out her new suit. 

 Not to be outdone by his sister, Grant decided to take a shower in our bathroom. 
I guess he needed some water fun too.

It's that time again. 
 Easter cookies to decorate.
 They all love doing this.
 I'm not sure why.
 Maybe it has to do  with eating their own art.

Whatever the reason,
they do LOVE it.

Here are some of the finished products.
Grant's is the one with the purple blob on it.
In his mind, more IS better!!
He would cover each cookie in a mountain of icing if I didn't stop him.
He iced two and ate them.
He iced the third one and got mad and quit when I wouldn't let him eat it too.

Pictures of John's pinewood derby car.
He finished his races with a first, third, fourth and I think a second place finish.
He did not do well enough to get to go to regional derby this weekend.
I don't think he cared too much.

I thought he did pretty good for a first year trying.
He made the car stand too. 
It was  a project he did to earn his craftsman badge.

Busy weekend.
Busy week ahead.

Good night and God bless.


  1. Somehow I'm still awake right now, not sure how because I'm exhausted from five wrestling matches today. but, I thought I would say that I love sugar cookies and would love to have some mailed to me since my sisters get stuff in the mail all the time. Love ya, night

  2. Your sisters might argue about the "packages all the time" comment. I've really let them down in that area this year. You're in luck though. I had a box and cookies and time all at the same time. Your cookies are on the way. I'm sure they're not very fresh, but I don't think that will stop a teenage boy from eating them. Happy eating.