Saturday, March 13, 2010

Up to the N

NOTE:  If you ever read posts a second time, I've updated this.  Grant never was taller than Grace.  I used the wrong letter. The reason why is too long and boring to even explain.  Let's just call it old age.

Original Post:

We go through this same exact routine EVERY NIGHT! 

When Grace or Grant get out of the tub and get dried off they insist on standing in front of the growth chart on the wall.........

JUST IN CASE they might have grown an inch or two since the previous night's measurement taking ceremony.

They then have to announce to me or anyone else willing to listen exactly how tall they are

except they don't know how to read the measurements on the growth chart.

Grace now stands to the "top of the A".

Grant trails behind her.  He only is as tall as
 "up to the N".
 Every day he tells me he wants to be "up to the G".

I use it to my advantage.

I tell him the only way to grow that tall is to eat his vegetables.

It's not lying, just sort of stretching the truth.

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