Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something normal

I thought I would post a picture that showed my kids doing something that looked normal for once.....

They were pretending to lock their animals in crates.  Grant has his dog locked in his "crate" here.  The markers were their keys to "unlock" the crates.

They saw me take the cats to the vet in their carriers last week.  Thus the "animal in a box" thing.


I've spent the last couple days unpacking everyone, laundry duty and now repacking everyone.  We're leaving for Florida!! 

All livestock has been accounted for.  We have someone house/pet sitting for us.  I need to do this more often.  I actually cleaned the entire house at one time knowing they would be here! 

Usually housework gets done in phases.  The bathrooms may be clean, but don't look at the floors......or, the windows are washed, but wow the kitchen is a total disaster. 

I cannot keep up with it all anymore.  I've finally given up trying.  It saves a small shred of my sanity by not worrying about that stuff.  My new speech running through my head says I can clean all day if I want to once they're all in school.  For now, deal with kids!


Gotta go!  Packing to finish.  Unpacking see.  Everytime I put something in the suitcase to go, I have to throw out ten things that don't go...................

four barbies
ten horses
a dozen trucks
tubs of playdoh
a bag of markers
bunches of blankets
a ballet bar

a ballet bar????
Doesn't everyone need a ballet bar at the beach?

Guess who is "helping" me pack.

Yep, these hombres!


Back to packing (and unpacking)!!!

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