Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Day four at the beach....we have been having a great time. We got into Sarasota Saturday afternoon to find the weather warm and beautiful. We enjoyed our first sunset (and only so far...it's been cloudy every evening since)

Grace and Grant got reacquainted with the beach since this is Grant's first time on the beach and Grace's second. The last time here she was only eleven months old. They have had fun playing in the sand and in the pool. John and Emily have been busy making new friends and playing games in and out of the water with them. They are enjoying their time away from home and time on the beach too.

David seems to have slowed rather quickly this year too. Usually he takes about five days to slow down to "relax" mode...this year, I think he came prepared to relax. This is the first day he's even had his computer on since getting here. Thus, this is the first day I've posted anything since being here too.

Everyone is having a great time. Pictures tonight. I've got to download some. My camera card is FULL!!

Back to the sand and sun.


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