Monday, March 15, 2010

Only Wine is Better With Age - This Isn't Wine

Emily reading to Grant, just like.........

she used to read to Grace.

 The girl likes to read!!

More tobacco barn pictures????


These pictures were taken

at Tate Bridge on Browns Chapel Road

somewhere in the exact middle of


No, we were not looking for a place to go make out.

Yes, we did actually drive across the bridge.

This is the creek you have to cross to get to some farm property of the Shupe family.

Middle.  Of.  Nowhere.

 We were free of children for the weekend. (thank you Mom and Dad)

We stopped in to see David's aunt and uncle for a bit.  They mentioned some farm ground the families jointly own.

Since we were close and since we had no kids, David and I took time to drive back onto the property.  I think I've been there once in almost twenty years of marriage.

I haven't missed much........don't think things change too much out there!

We had fun though.

By the way,

 the gaps you see here

show how some of the boards are completely gone.

Maybe Obama could send a new WPA crew out to redo the bridge.  I don't think it's been touched since Roosevelt's New Deal. 


  1. Love the photos of the bridge. They are fabulous!!

  2. No way in heck would you have gotten me on that bridge!!!!