Monday, March 8, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering

In case you were wondering......

 exactly what the inside of

a genuine

tobacco barn

looked like...........

i wanted to be helpful and give you a little glimpse.

I'm nice like that.

No need to thank me.

In case you WEREN'T wondering.......

I showed you anyway.


We've been to the farm this weekend......Have you noticed a pattern?  I'm gone.  No posts.  I have no wireless connection out there, along with no phone, no cable, no internet, no TV, no ipod, no videos, get the idea.

What I DO have out there is time with the family.  Time not distracted by other things.  Time to step aside from the busyness of life and marvel at the work that went into building a tobacco barn.  Time to marvel at the way the light plays through the cracks in the walls and shows all the dust particles dancing in the air where my three year old's feet just stirred the powder into flight.


I'll take that any day.


I've got laundry calling my name.  I have a standing Sunday evening date with the laundry room.  I try to keep life exciting  like that.  The internet is slow tonight anyway.  I'll post more tomorrow......if I get some


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