Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby Puppy Photos

Evenings are rather short around here since mornings start at the ungodly hour of 5:30
We still are none too happy about that situation....

and I don't see it getting easier any time soon!

We do get out to enjoy the evenings a little bit between dinner, dishes, homework, showers and piano practice.

The girls really like the bubbles.  I have gone through so many tubes of bubbles this summer...
not counting the ones Grant simply dumps out on the driveway!

Grace alternately enjoys blowing them and running around popping them.

Emily is all about seeing how many bubbles she can make.

Grant mostly pops them since he still has not mastered the fine are of blowing them.

John, being the mature middle schooler he is now, wants nothing to do with the blowing or the popping of bubbles.  He's just fine with a skateboard.

More Popping.....

Look what I did with one of the pictures of a bubble.....
you can see the garage and the kids in the reflection.

See this little bubble all alone in the sky??

I figured out the only way to get a picture of the sky

is to include something ELSE in the picture, otherwise my camera thinks there's nothing to focus on....
as if the sky was 'nothing'!

Speaking of nothing..........

are you looking for pictures of puppies?

Oops, sorry!  Nothing is exactly what you'll see of puppies in this post!!

My title should be


instead of


Take that, you Facebook people with all your nastiness about my being a puppy photo slacker!!!

Love you!

No, really, I do!


  1. No nastiness, promise! Just extreme awe over your patience and dedication and a strong desire to share in it the only way I can-through pictures!

  2. I am laughing, trust me. Puppy pictures coming, I promise. I just had to have a little fun with you tonight.

    I HAVE had a string of bad luck with blogging lately. I usually download files on the weekend then post them as I get time to edit during the week.....lost all my files from last weekend, then couldn't even find the sorted photos!! Had to start from scratch again.

    I've still got your email in my inbox. That is tomorrow's project...well, along with feeding puppies and painting their toenails.

  3. haha :) I love that you are dedicated to posting even though it went wrong ! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, you are darling. I'll visit soon.