Thursday, September 30, 2010

The End of the Season

One last summer meal at the pool ....

we eat some pretty funky combinations when we're there.....
fruit with potato chips, fruit loops with cheese, pbj with pizza,
milk chased with a soda 
the only criteria to make it on the pool lunch menu

is whether it will be eaten or not.


Why is John smiling?

probably for the same reason Emily looks like this.....

She's probably giving him an ear full for something he just did to agitate her.
I am guessing she is suggesting he go jump in the deep end with a bowling ball for a life preserver!!

This guy on the other hand doesn't put much effort into agitating his female counterpart.

and she reciprocates by being a great playmate for Grant.

They have had a great summer at the pool. 

They've both got a great start on being capable swimmers.
The warm weather has made it a joy to get in with them and work with them.  Have I mentioned I hate cold water??

Plus they've had hours of fun playing in the baby pool. 

 Grace graduates out of the baby pool next year and will be too old to be in there at all.  I am guessing that will be the end of Grant's interest in the baby pool too.

So time marches on and kids grow up..... 

 Sometimes watching an era come to an end is bittersweet....

like knowing I've probably spent my last day parked on the edge of the baby pool comparing kid stories with other mothers.

yet I am so grateful to watch all four kids grow up into mature individuals who don't need their mom quite so much anymore

Just as I have mixed emotions when I see summer changing to fall

I must admit there are a few mixed emotions watching these guys change too.

I see that season of intense need by my kids coming to an end sooner than I want....
but then again.....

after ten continuous years of pulling guard duty on the edge of a baby pool

a pool lounge chair and a good book look pretty promising somewhere in my future. (smile)


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