Thursday, September 23, 2010

Warning: The Post Where I Wax Sentimental

The ramblings below are from an email I sent to a friend in 2005....when John and Emily were in kindergarten....Grace was a newborn....Grant had not even been thought of.....and my house held more people than animals!! 

Now that Grace is in the same kindergarten room that John and Emily used to occupy, I guess I am getting a little nostalgic.  She was born while they were in here she is only five fast years later.  Is it possible time flies that quickly?

I kept this old email I sent to a friend back home just to remind me how crazy yet precious those first weeks are with a new baby.  Wouldn't trade it for a stack of gold, but wouldn't want to do it again!!!!

...............I know what you mean about someone following me around doing STUFF for me so I could enjoy a baby.  Take today for instance....up and out the door to school (oops, don't forget Grace), run to Sam's to buy office supplies for ECO (feed Grace in car so she won't scream in store), return to school to help with learning centers (rock car seat with foot to keep baby quiet while glueing rainbows together with kids in art center), leave school to eat lunch with Dad (who we've not seen this week since he's been out of town on business since Saturday), (pray that baby sleeps through lunch)(she does), run home to do payroll that has to be in by 1:00 today so paychecks will be done for Friday (feed Grace while entering data one handed on computer), run to school to get kids before they begin charging a king's ransom because you are a nanosecond late (Grace is very displeased with this errand...needs fed to restore peace) (peace restored), run to bank to pay company credit card husband/boss failed to pay by today's due date before ruining company's good credit rating (Grace sleeping like a ...well, like a baby!), run to photo studio to take cute naked baby pictures (conveniently, baby posed for cute naked baby pictures), run through Sonic because five year olds hate cute naked baby pictures and need rewarded with a slush for unbelievable patience, run home to do HOMEWORK for KINDERGARTEN (who ever heard of this?!) (an hour burned learning that CAP and COP are NOT the same words), DINNER?! McDonalds to the rescue (feed Grace who does not care for McD's with spare hand), bath time...Oh well, you're not too dirty, don't worry about washing hair tonight (baby asleep), pretend to be sad that it is bedtime  (baby still sleeping), visit with husband who is too tired to stay awake even though he says he wants to visit (baby still asleep), husband is finally asleep (rock baby who has slept entirely too much during the past three hours), rock baby again, oh well, put baby in swing knowing she will swing all night but will at least not cry, work on ECO stuff until baby needs fed, go to bed, get up and repeat steps above.

If you're a mother, I am sure you could write your own version of this!  We've all been there.  It seems so overwhelming at the time, but then looking back it seems like a moment.

OK, enough for one night.  Off to bed so I can get my kids up in the morning for middle school.  I don't want to miss a thing.  Lord knows that in the blink of an eye they'll be off to college and beyond.

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