Friday, September 3, 2010


I thought I had posted these already, but just found them in a draft file.

These were all taken on vacation at the farm in July.
I'm trying to do this about once a year inside and out to document the changes and progress as we do things.  Otherwise I'll never remember what we've accomplished out there!

See the rocks along the edge of the barn?  Those all came out of the yard.  We grow good rocks out there.  That's about the ONLY thing that grows in the soil. 

Over the past couple years we've slowly been popping the rocks up and moving them out to a rock pile in the pasture.

One day we started stacking them along the foundation of the barn.  The effect was pretty good.  As you can tell we've got a section in the middle yet to do on this side. 

I don't think there is a risk of running out of rocks  before we finish.

The landscaping around the house is all new.

I have tried to go with easy to maintain things.  Some of the things I've planted are rhododendron (across this end), iris (at the back corner) and lilac bush (at the front corner).

There is a wigelia and a few spiarea along here. 

I don't remember the name of the purple flowers along the edge of the walkway.  They replaced some phlox I originally had there.  It suffered a painful death this summer under the feet of dogs and kids cutting through the flower beds.

We redid these steps using the railroad ties that were already here.  We just dug the steps in better so as not to break you neck when using them.  They weren't laid out very well before.

All of the stones in and along the path came from the creek.  We are talking about taking out the crumbling concrete pad between the porch and garage and doing the same thing in this entire area.  We'll see how ambitious be get in the future.

See how bad the concrete is?  It is just crumbling.

I have some butterfly bushes under the kitchen window and hydrangeas under the bathroom window.

The post in the back yard is for the school bell we have.  We don't leave it out right now.  We don't want it stolen or damaged.

Every year sees a little more progress.

I love this place.  It is therapy of a kind a doctor couldn't provide.

Pictures from the first time I saw the house.....


what a wonderful thing!!

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