Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Just because I'm a slacker laterly, I figured I'd keep posting the pictures from WAY BACK IN JULY when we stayed at the farm for the week.

Grant had a ton of fun with 'ribbies'.

Often he had to baptize them in the wading pool

to see if they were 'water frogs'.

Most did not survive the ordeal.

Grant seemed unphased by the demise of his beloved ribbies.

This one appears to be breathing his last.

These two hung in to the bitter end and eventually escaped their captors unharmed.

Why the drowning of innocent ribbies you ask?

He has a frog in his aquarium at home.  A frog that swims and lives underwater.

He thinks ALL FROGS should live underwater now.

Lets hope Kermit never comes to visit.  His safety might be at risk.

Why am I such a slacker at posting lately you ask?

more on that later

if i get time

Meg Update:

No Puppies Yet

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