Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I went to college for THIS??

".....because I won't read a book to someone holding a booger!!!  That's why!"

Can you guess who THAT was directed at?

Want a little hint?

  Sometimes I hear myself say things and have to wonder whether there is any hope of preserving my sanity.  Do all mothers have these conversations with their kids?  I mean, really, do we need to debate whether or not it is OK to walk around playing with the junk from our nose???

They do the craziest things and make me say even crazier things. 

 Their antics are cute. 

My insanity.....not so cute.

I thought you might have guessed by now who the offending party was, but in case my clues haven't helped,

here's the guilty party at his charming best.

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