Monday, November 22, 2010

Grant as an only child....

Here's what a day with Grant looks like when no one is home but the two of us.....

One moment he's off to slay a fierce dragon lurking in the garage.....
then he's off to drive his circus train through the shipyard in our livingroom.

He really just hangs out and does his own thing most of the time.
We'll read an occasional book together or watch a TV show.
Most of the time though he is content to play his way with the toys he chooses.

Sometimes it's a head scratcher though as to exactly WHAT it is he's playing.

I've not figured out how a pirate ship, a circus train, Noah's ark, Mater the tow truck, farm implements and a kitchen fit together in ANY story line.
It worked for him....that's all that counts.

Another day, it was tap tap tap pound pound pound

workin' over his tools with a vengeance.

Even with my prime lens, there was no such thing as  a clear picture!

This was cute for the first thirty minutes....

then the noise got a bit old.

Just for fun.......

evidence of hours spent riding a bike and wiping out frequently.

On to another day and his impromptu birthday party on the stairs.

I was the lone person honored to receive an invitation to the celebration.

He worked long and hard getting things ready.

You can tell he was concentrating.....look at the tongue stuck out!!

He's really loving this only child thing!!

Sometimes I think Grace would like a little time as an only child too.

Here's Grace's not so subtle way of letting Grant know he was not welcome in her room.

Ahhhh, just another day in paradise!!

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