Friday, November 19, 2010

R is for Bunny and other great lessons

Grant - Help me put this puzzle together, Mom.

Mom - What letter is this?

Grant - A....What starts with A?

Mom - (looking at the designated picture on the puzzle) apple

Grant - (picking up the B) buh, buh, B starts bicycle (also looking at the pictures on the puzzle)

Mom - What starts with the letter C? (picking up the C puzzle piece)

Grant - Cat!!


Mom - What starts with the letter R?

Grant - (looking at the picture on the puzzle)  BUNNY!

Mom - Yes, but that is also called a RABBIT.  Rabbit starts with the letter R.

Grant - NO.  R is for buh buh bunny!  Now say it my way!

OK, how do you argue with that.  His teacher can fix him in kindergarten.

Grace has been working on her letters for kindergarten.  She's gotten much better with the consistent practice.  I can tell a lot improvement since the start of school.

Yes, these were taken a month ago.  Don't ever for a minute think I am organized enough to always post things in chronological order.

I do see her do this a lot.  I just don't take pictures of it very often.

I've started Grace reading early reader books.  There's a larger set of words used in each book.  I Santa got her a Junie B. Jones chapter book for a stocking stuffer.  It is about eighty pages.  I figure by Christmas, she'll be ready to sit down at night and work on reading it to me.  That is how Emily got going as an independent reader.  I really don't like the Junie B. sassiness, but Emily LOVED the books.  I just kept reminding her that it was funny to read how Junie B. sassed grown ups, but if MY little girl started sassing like that Junie B. would be banned to the attic.  It took a few reminders along the way, but she and Junie B. had quite a long love affair during kindergarten and first and second grade.  I think Emily owned every Junie B. book that had been published up to that time.  Here's hoping Grace can fall in love with reading too!

When she gets some time, I think I'll have her work with Grant on his letter/word recognition.

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