Monday, November 1, 2010

NOvember - the month my kids detest

So here we are at the beginning of year four

celebrating our own holiday that we lovingly named NOvember.

What is that? you ask.

Well, it involves lots of not doing things.....for instance.....

  • no television
  • no ipod
  • no computer
  • no video games
  • no sleepovers
  • no eating fast food (unless necessitated by schedule conflicts)
  • no spending money on entertainment like movies, etc.

Why all the fun for a whole month??

It started in 2006 when Grant was on his way.  I decided to do it that year as a way to spend some intense quality time with John and Emily (and even Grace) before we added a fouth child (the second in diapers at the time) into our family.  We had fun reading books, playing games, and just being together.  Not that we didn't already do those things.  We just did a lot more of them that month.  By the time November was over that year, I had no guilt in parking my kids in front of videos and televisions for mindless hour upon hour or feeding them McD's for the tenth time in a week as I tried to maneuver the world of mothering four kids with two of them under the age of two while still working for ECO from home.  Believe me, they got MORE THAN compensated for any deprivations they suffered during november.  They actually enjoyed the rebound effect in December. 

We just kept doing it every year since then.  They aren't really thrilled by it, but I think it gives us a chance to slow down and refocus on the things that are really important before the busyness of December takes over our lives and our calendars.

So there you have it......

if you come to our house, you can observe NOvember along with us.  Try it.  You might (not) like it!!

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  1. I like this idea...if I could pull it off with school I would totally ditch it all! My future kids will hate me...what could be better?!