Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just for fun

Recognize any of these people?

Yes, that's Amiga.


  1. Am I trying to entice Cale to have his first beer at age 2?!?!??!

  2. Let's just say you were assisting him in bartending. I think he was delivering a cold one to either his dad or his uncle.

  3. I can't tell. Is that a good or a bad 'oh my!'

  4. so chris, do you recognize those kids? Can you believe you entrusted your kids to our care???

    Sorry about the cale picture. I think it is about the only one of him I have!
    Sorry cale.

  5. PS I love the face Jo's giving David in the first picture of her!

  6. I've never seen those pictures!

    When I was little I was convinced that I could marry Uncle Dave. I believe I even named one of Grandpa Bud's puppies after him. I was smitten.

  7. The Smarties did her in. Won her heart. She had no choice, there was no looking back.

  8. You are all too funny.

    I remember the smarties!! We would actually be late to family functions if he didn't have any to hand out. We would have to stop somewhere and buy some before arriving.

    Do you girls remember spending the night with us at any of the places we lived around West Salem and Olney?

  9. I also remember a trip to McDowell's grocery store at closing time one evening for a toothbrush because some little girl 'wanted a geen one' 'I don't want a boo one. I want a geen one!' she green she got.

    What fun those days were! Can I do sleepovers with your kids too? I want to ruin the next generation as well.

  10. I do! You had a red brick house and a yellow one

    Once you took me to the video rental store and I got to play the spider stomp game and you bought me pop. We made a shaker out of the pop bottle and some popcorn kernels. Coolest thing ever.

    Uncle Dave laughed when I would make my Aladdin and Jasmine dolls kiss (probably because I would just smoosh their faces together and bang them together.)

    Cale had to sit on phone books once because we didn't have a booster seat for him. Your table had lion's feet.

    Amiga was huge. Always.

    Your red brick house had burgundy wall paper in the bathroom.

    And I guess I just know how to get what I want? Or maybe I'm spoiled rotten.

  11. Also there was candy in a candy bowl on the table in the yellow house. They weren't smarties, but those colorful round candies that are in rolls like smarties.

  12. Also you can have my kids if you send Emily my way when she's in high school. K thanks!