Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Do you remember these Halloween favorites?

I bought some for the kids just for fun this year.  They wouldn't touch them.
I have to agree with them.

This stuff is a little gross!



The Halloween fun began in earnest Saturday night with the drawing of faces.

some even drew 'humans' (her word not mine)

See the human she drew on the side of her Jack-o-lantern?

No one at our house is 'too old' to participate, yet.

It is definitely a group activity full of drawing and cutting and scraping and scooping.

Once we're all done, we have to document our hard work.

and then there is the official lighting of the pumpkins and darkening of the room to admire their work.

Sunday evening was the big event. 
Grace decided to be Sleeping Beauty.

Grant decided to be Buzz Lightyear a dork wearing a bucket on his head.

OK, seriously Grant.  Let's get the show going!!!

Grant said, "Sorry Mom."

And off we went.....

tricking and treating.....
trying to remember our manners like staying on sidewalks.....
 and not peeking in front doors....

saying 'please' and 'thank you'
and only taking one piece of candy at at time.

David used the night to get in a little free advertising of puppies.

Everyone loved the dog.

Remington, yes it has a name now, didn't even wake up most of the night.

After making the trek up the street and back, we stopped to sort out our loot before heading off to bed.  School came early this morning for our ghouls and goblins.

This guy decided not to dress up.  He wanted to stay home and pass out candy.and that is just what he did.

Emily ran off to a neighbor's house to trick or treat from there with her friends.  She got dressed at the neighbor's house, so I don't even have a picture of her.

She would probably prefer it that way.

She is a very mature eleven now you know!!

So now the battle begins.....

not the battle to keep the kids from eating too much candy.

The battle is to keep the kids from knowing how much of their candy Mom and Dad eat!!

Hope you had a fun Halloween too.

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