Monday, November 15, 2010


While at the farm recently, we did a repeat performance of our favorite science experiment to see if the outcomes were consistent.

Yes, even now, yellow and red made and red made purple.
Whew!  I was worried about that one for a minute.

I think it is so neat how a kid can get excited about such predictable outcomes time after time.

Next we studies the laws of physics as applied to a ball and tube structure.
As expected, the ball still went DOWN the tube, never up.

John helped with the design and construction of the test apparatus.

This one......

I'm not quite sure what we were studying here, other than how many ways we could find to push mother over the top in one day.

This would have been  METHOD #27 for the day in question.

Some days are just more memorable than others.


This happened to be one day I would rather have forgetten.


None of those pictures were taken today.

Today was memorable.....well, sort of.

Today is my birthday.

My sweet family started early by providing me with a cake and song last night after dinner.
There was a lovely arrangement of flowers as well.

Today I received some very sweet cards and my husband took me out to eat a quiet dinner with just the two of us.

We spent about an hour eating dinner and wandering the pet store and Home Depot.  After driving through the movie theater parking lot and reading the movies now showing we decided we are clueless and old when it comes to current entertainment trends.

We opted for ninety minutes at Books-A-Million sitting in the back reading magazines so we didn't have to pay for them.


we're exciting like that.

{don't laugh}

{especially if I'm related to you!}

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.  It has been a great day.


  1. Happy birthday! I don't know half the movies out right now either...and I take the book store one step further...I actually read the books, hidden among the shelves...oopies!

  2. Were you 39 again,again,and again?