Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recital 2011

We've meandered our way in and out of the piano lesson book, the church hymnal and various songs the kids have picked for themselves during the past year.  Sometimes weeks pass between 'lessons'.  Sometimes we dig in and work hard.....sometimes not.  But with a satisfied sigh I think John and Emily can both look back over the past year and say they have progressed with their piano skills.

We do very little to document their journey.
Last year John and Emily performed for the camera.  I referred to it as their 'recital pieces'.

Since we don't go anywhere for formal lessons where they can experience a formal recital, I figured performing for grandparents once in a while via video blog isn't too much to ask of them.

So here in all their wonderful musical glory are John and Emily's most recent recital pieces.

I helped them pick the pieces online.  The musical genre is for your benefit, Grandpa Simms.  I know you have a taste for this kind of music.  The pieces were almost too difficult for them to tackle right now, but they endured and have progressed to where the pieces are sounding pretty good.

Hope you enjoy.

Piano Pieces 2011

and now for John.......

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