Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And so it began.......

These are pictures taken on the Sunday we arrived at Disney.  We checked in late that morning and headed off to explore Epcot for a while. 

Riding the monorail is half the fun.  It runs through our hotel building.  The kids begged to ride it, but often we just walked.  It was faster to walk to the Magic Kingdom than to ride the monorail around the lake hitting all the other stops along the way.

Epcot on Sunday when we first got to Disney

Horsing around in line for Test Track
Grant was tall enough to ride most rides including this one.

This was his favorite ride out of everything we did.
The last night we were there, we rode this thing four times (I think, I lost count) in a row.  As fast as we could get off the ride and walk around we could get right back on again.
There are times during the busy season they say the line to ride this can be a ninety minute wait or more.
I love disney in the winter!!!

Monday morning entering (or leaving, who can remember....really!) Animal Kingdom
There's a lot to see here, but not a lot of rides.
We spent the better part of one day here, but never went back to it after that.

David and Grace getting cozy with the fish.....

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