Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grantisms - Volume 2

I tried to post pictures using my computer tonight.  I got to the download part and it all froze up as solid as an eskimo's outhouse.  I figured I'd just give up and hop over to my trusty laptop and at least put a few comments here instead.

Heard around here as of late......

Mom:  When did you get that scratch on your leg?

Grant:  It got on way back ahead of a lot of days.  (his actual words) (I stopped and wrote that onedown...knew I'd never remember that!)  (He was trying to say 'a long time ago')

Mom:  (trying to create a teachable moment)  Hey Grant, show me how you brush your teeth.

Grant:  Here's a tip, Mom.  Hold it like this.  (I guess he's the expert now)

Grant:  Can we go home now?   (ummmm, we ARE home, Grant.) (He does this A LOT)

Grant: Mom, we have a situation here. (notifying me that Remington had once again stealth peed upstairs)

David and I were carrying on a conversation one evening in the kitchen regarding some issues with two of the personnel at work.  Grace was sitting at the counter listening as she worked on homework (can you believe they give homework in kindergarten?  That's just wrong.)
Grace: Will they both get a yellow by their names? (referring to her behavior chart at school.  She's proud that she's the only one left in her class to not get a yellow or red color change this year.)

Grant: (said to Grace while playing doctor, fully clothed, with Grace) (holding up a pretend horse who was the next patient)......The horse has a fever in his mouth...... (makes sense I guess when you think we stick a thermometer in their mouths then tell them they have a fever)

Grantisms at their finest

Carnal......the stuff Grant loves to put on his ice cream.....(caramel)

Shovel......what Grant does with Go Fish cards before dealing them.....(shuffle)

Get dead.....(die) in, Did Amiga get dead?

Droove.....(past of drive) in, We droove Grace to school today.

Goed.....(past of go) in, After dropping Grace at school, we goed to the car wash.

do never.....(don't ever) in, Do never say that again, Grace!!


Momisms heard around here lately........

          Stop spitting.
          Get your hands out of your pants!
          Stop spitting.
          You can't go out wearing that....(directed at my four year old boy, by the way)
          Stop spitting.
          Tell her your sorry.
          Use your inside voice.
          Stop spitting.

Can you guess what Grant's new favorite thing to do is?  Spitting.  Lucky guess, right?


No editing tonight.  I hate typing on this darn computer.  I stink at laptops.  Have I said that already???
Good night.

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