Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pool Pictures - Be prepared for picture overload - I'm tired of sorting

The kids like to swim.
They don't care how cold it is.

We parents are old.
We DO care how cold it is.

Therefore, we securely buckled the little kids in life vests provided by the resort, ordered an adult beverage at the bar and proceeded to watch the kids play from the pool deck.

John and Emily got paid for babysitting.
Bonus for them!!!


John catching Grant off the big slide

and catching again.....and again....and again......

Ping Pong was the other entertainment at the pool.

See how Grace and Grant use two paddles??

 A shot of the back of the hotel





He looks like he's really missing school doesn't he?

Grant loved his life vest.  He floated and played and had fun like he never does at home in our pool.

David took this shot of the pool area one evening when he was out playing around with his camera and lenses.  I thought it was pretty neat looking at night.

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