Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bet you've never done THIS with an ironing board

A kid has to have some way to entertain himself in a motel room after ten hours in the car, right?

Sometimes we have to get a little creative with our entertainment.

Grant now has a new way of climbing into bed at night....

It requires an ironing board.

Sometimes he has to stop and rest on the way to bed.

but eventually he gets where he's going.

This was in the motel in Gainesville, Georgia, on the way to Disney two weeks ago.

Emily started out in bed with these two, but ended up on the couch in the living room.  We stayed at a Residence Inn by Marriott.  It was a new motel and was very pretty.

I liked the little kitchen in it. 

David had some fun in the room that night playing with ECO's new toys photography equipment that was recently purchased for David to play with taking pictures of filters for work.

Yes we take pictures of each other taking pictures.
We're pretty lame. I know.

I know this doesn't rank high on scale of exciting things to do with the Shupe family, but not every day can be a 'Gnomeo-and-Juliet-twenty-roses-dinner-out-clean-the-dog-poop-off-the-carpet' kind of day, can it??

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