Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baby - That's a Sweet - Ride

Baby Snickers is doing great.
She's now sharing the big pasture with her adopted mom.
We moved the other horses over to the second pasture and gave nurse mare and baby the front pasture all to themselves.
She learned to eat grass this weekend.
They were loving the new arrangements.

Sweet honey
I pulled one of the partial frames of honey out this weekend when I removed the honey super the bees had been working on.
I'm in the process of getting them ready for winter and reducing the size of the hive so they can stay warm.
Most of the honey they had stored in the honey supers I set out so they could retrieve and store it in the lower part of the hive for winter food.
I snitched this one partial frame so we could share a little of their hard work with them.
I don't think they will  miss this little bit.
The kids were loving it eating fresh honey.
I got about one and a half cups from this partial frame.

Wagon Ride

Snowball getting a little workout with the kids....

I am always amazed at how strong these little guys are.
They can pull so much weight!
We tried to convince John and Emily this is cooler than having a car for transportation.
They were not buying it.

They opted NOT to use this as transportation to high school in a few years.
I don't understand their lack of interest.
THIS is the only redeeming quality this little pony has.
He's hard to catch.
He stirs up trouble with the other horses.
He is unridable by a child unless someone leads him.
he's great in a harness.
I guess that makes him worth holding on to.

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