Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Like all the other little Shupes before him,
Grant took his place on the steps for a picture.
First Day of School

Filled with excitement and a good amount of nervousness,
we laughed and talked about what the day would bring.

Big sister Grace was there to lend some moral support.

We made a quick stop at the back of the parking lot in order to take one more picture.
After the picture, David told Grant to 'get in so we can get going'.
David meant get in the car.
Grant gamely took off walking toward the building across the parking lot thinking Dad had just told him to get in the building so we could leave.
He was going to walk up there all by himself....SO DIFFERENT than any of the other kids.
He's not afraid of anything.

We called him back and got into carpool line.
This was the smile we got as he headed into school for his first day as a kindergartener.
And he

But when we got home this afternoon it was business as usual.
He checked out his favorite shows on sprout and relaxed with Bella close by his side.
This one was taken the other day.
Trust me.
It looked just like this today only different clothes....
and maybe
just maybe
he looked a tiny bit older
like a kid who just finished his first day of  kindergarten.

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