Friday, September 7, 2012

We went to the Kountry with a K

One of the things we did during summer vacation was a trip to Kart Kountry.
Yes, you guessed it.
They rent go karts.  Their track is a mile and a half long...pretty fun for kids that are under the legal driving age.

There was also a small fry track for, well, small frys.
Grace and Grant absolutely loved it.

They were too short to drive the big karts so they rode shotgun with me while I took each of them for a turn around the big track.

Here is Grace showing off her cornering skills....
Since Mom was feeling benevolent that particular day, the kids enjoyed a game of miniature golf while we were at the park.

I escorted Grace and Grant through the course moderating disagreements, keeping them on course and making sure they weren't cheating like a millionaire at tax time on their scores.

THAT can be a full-time job I tell you!

John and Emily and a friend of theirs who was along for the ride that day played behind us at a more respectable pace and volume.
I think secretly they were pretending not to know the group of crazies golfing ahead of them.
Hmmmm, wonder why?

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