Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wabbits, Wheels and Water

(HEY, it's the best I could come up with tonight.  So sue me!)
I am posting pictures of Grace and Tinkerbell Grace.
I thought this would be more enjoyable than seeing pictures of Emily's hamster....
seeing as how Emily reported to me tonight that her hamster died.
I foresee a trip to the pet store in my near future.
Emily loves her hamsters!
Oh, and I wondered what the funky smell in the basement was today.
I blamed the rabbit and cleaned its cage.
Guess now I know it wasn't the rabbit's fault.
Mr. Hamster is resting peacefully on the patio awaiting David's return home.
He is our official pet cemetery caretaker.
I have noticed a trend that hamsters seem to die when David is out of town.
I will not even venture a guess at the correlation.

TG is getting pretty fat.

Why play with the rabbit in the bathroom, you ask?
The rabbit will not hop on hardwood or tile floors so by placing her on a rug, she stays put.
No chasing the rabbit to catch it when Grace is done playing.

Anything with wheels.......
that is what Grant is interested in right now.

He had the geotrax out recently playing with it.
As soon as this was put away we dragged out the Thomas the Tank Engine stuff.
It is strung all over his floor right now.
Speaking of wheels,
he is really interested in sports cars and race cars now.
He keeps talking about mustangs and is pretty good at spotting them along the road.
He says he wants a mustang  "because they can drift like a real race car".
I have no idea what that even means!

I am pulling out some old photos now.
This picture was taken one evening as we were headed to the pool.
It is Grant driving his Power Wheels truck up the sidewalk to the pool.
Most nights he either drove the truck or rode his bike.
I would follow (v e r y   s  l  o  w  l  y ) in the big white bus hauling all of the goggles, towels, food, sunscreen, etc. along with any kids not interested in riding bikes that night.
Grant never rode in the car unless I made him.
He felt so grown up getting there all by himself.

Last night at the pool......

It was a great summer.
The two youngest kids became very confident and capable in the water.
I always kept a close eye on them, but I did not have to get in with them every time we were there.
I see leisurely hours sitting by the pool with a book in my future!!!
It is pouring rain and storming hard here.
I have heard the sirens go off twice in the past hour....
that's a little too close for my comfort.
I won't complain though since we need the rain.


  1. He's learning so well! clearly mustangs are the best!


  2. Did Cale tell you he will be in your town next weekend racing his baha cars with the baha club he is in at U of I? He doesn't have wheels to drive on the road to see you, but maybe the boys would like to go watch?