Friday, September 14, 2012


Grant  -  (said to me at bedtime) Don't kiss me for the rest of my life, Mom.

Grant  -  (said to me at bedtime) How old were you when you were born?

We're still having some pretty interesting conversations at bedtime.

Grace and Grant like "painting" the sidewalk and mailbox with water and paintbrushes.
On this particular evening though what started out as innocent water play

soon became oh so much more
with kids shooting water guns

at bigger kids with water guns.

But those kids were soon outdone by kids with hoses
It would be safe to assume everyone ended up wet.
Some were happier than others though by the end of the water wars.
But I won't mention who stomped off to the house mad at the end.....
Yes, she will probably stomp off mad again after she reads this.
LOVE YOU EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!