Thursday, November 17, 2016

Because We Needed Something Else To Do...

Our house has lots of windows.
Thirty-three if you're counting.
I know this because I count them
 every time they get washed.

I love newly washed windows!
 In the past, our windows were washed pretty regularly.
 Until about two years ago 
when I had to contain my window scrubbing enthusiasm.

Our windows were falling apart.  Literally.

So I searched and searched for replacement windows.
It took two years of looking, but I finally found a company 
 that would custom build our exact window sashes.
 This amounted to a huge savings to do the job!  Yeah!!!

David graciously volunteered to be my handyman 
and replace all of our thirty-three windows.
Isn't he nice?  I think so.

Over the summer, David made his way through the house 
one window at a time.

He transformed our windows from this....

 to this...

Thank you, David!!

And now for the funniest part of this little story.

We live in a neighborhood with over a thousand homes all built with our type of windows...all of which rot due to how they were made.

I have dealt directly with the owner of this window company.  He's a really sweet guy who's trying to expand his sales into the Louisville market.  I told him I have plenty of friends in the neighborhood who also need replacement windows. 


I am now an unofficial window sales person for Fenster USA.

As if I needed another job.

Need some windows?  I can help.  😎

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