Monday, November 28, 2016

Pumpkin patch and Farm fun


 I went to have lunch with Grant a couple weeks ago.

I was just in time to enjoy a walk through the school's 
storybook pumpkin patch.

 And look what my husband gave me
for our 25th anniversary
 Wasn't that nice of him?

Now that Grace and Grant are getting older, 
they join the rest of us occasionally at the farm table 
in the evening for a game of cards.
 We've regressed to spending evenings playing Skipbo and GoFish.
I'll exercise some restraint and 
give them a year or two 
before we start playing to win at all costs!

When picking up rocks in the fields, the kids and I do NOT make neat stacks like some people did years ago.  

We did throw our rocks behind their nicely stacked rock wall.  
I find it funny that someone went to the trouble of stacking rocks in the middle of the field.
 What is even funnier is seeing how trees then sprout between and around the rocks.
So now we have rock piles underneath patches of trees
sitting in the middle of our twelve acre pastures.

Over the past many years
Emily has perfected her marshmallow toasting skills.
 She can now with precision toast a marshmallow beautifully.

Grace and Grant have a serious lack of toys at the farm.
So David found something they could play with.

In case you are wondering,
they are playing with bullets.
Because that's really safe.

Parenting points awarded to David Shupe!

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