Tuesday, November 1, 2016


 pumpkin carving
 Grant was already finished with his carving by the time I took a picture.
John worked on homework and didn't get his pumpkin carved.

 Finished products

Did you notice anything significant about Emily's carving?

She received her acceptance letter from University of Kentucky this week.
She was getting worried.  
John received his acceptance letter from UK last week 
even though he applied several days after Emily applied. 

After a few phone calls, Emily figured out her letter had been sent to a wrong address.
She was elated with the news of her acceptance.

 John and Emily dressed as teenagers with attitude.
Don't you love their outfits?

 Off to trick-or-treat

Twenty-five years of roses
and he's not missed a single year

And finally,
what would Halloween be without our trusty and very flexible skeleton?

Through the days of October the skeleton found himself contorted 
into all kinds of interesting positions.

I wondered how long it would take someone's creative mind 
to turn this cute arrangement into something cringe worthy.

I didn't have long to wait.
Before the evening was overMr. Skeleton had made it through puberty.
And although Grant insists the skeleton was 'dabbing' (what even IS DABBING anyway?!)
I really think he was hiding his face in embarrassment.

How many more years of adolescent humor can I survive?

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