Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Music and Moons

Grace is playing flute in the middle school band.  She loves band.  And she LOVES her band teacher.

She is not in love with her place in the flute section of the band.  In the time honored tradition of school band programs, the students all performed to see who would sit in the coveted first chair position in each section of the band.

Grace now sits as second chair flute.

She is not thrilled with this position.  But with some coaching and much encouragement, she has a new perspective about the situation.  She now looks at it as a personal challenge to improve and become the first chair flute.  I hope she can accomplish her goal and earn first chair before the end of the year!

Grant is in fourth grade beginning band at his elementary school.  After eight weeks of playing saxophone at school, this was his comment as I dropped him and his saxophone off in carpool line.....

I should have played the triangle

Grant has very mature taste in music for a nine year old.  His favorite songs right now include...
 Hold Back the RIver
7 Years
Sweet Caroline

I can't help but be impressed when my nine year old son is sitting in the back seat of the car belting out the words to Sweet Caroline at peak volume.

Grace's newest passion?

She's fascinated with all things to do with our solar system.  I might go crazy before she stops telling me every day what phase the moon is in....not once...but dozens of times each day!  I now know all eight phases of the moon.  I can tell you with some confidence the differences between a waxing gibbous and a waning crescent. Not that I wanted to, but I cannot argue with her level of enthusiasm. 

Maybe she can be an astronomer someday?

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