Sunday, November 27, 2016

Some Things Never Change

 Seeing this picture reminded me of another time Grant was in need of a good face scrubbing.

There was a day in 2011 I can remember Grant received a good face scrubbing.
 This is the AFTER picture.

 His face needed scrubbed because my four year old son found a spider marker and could think of no better place to use it than his face. 

This picture shows his artwork the first time I caught him using the marker on his face.
I cleaned him up and explained why marker should be used on paper.

I'm guessing my lecture fell on deaf ears.

Because later, I found the pint sized Picasso back at it again!

And this is why moms should always assume the worst when the playroom has been suspiciously quiet for too long...

But then again, how could you get mad at that face?!

He loved drawing on himself...constantly...even in the tub!
Okay, enough reminiscing.  I've gotta get back to work now.

Oh, and from the way back files.....

I found a picture of the men going hunting the first time Grant was ever allowed to join them.
This was also 2011.  Markers were traded in for a gun that particular day.

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