Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kids, Technology and Torture

Grace recently got a new laptop computer.


 She was so least until NOvember started.

Sadly, she will have to wait a few more days before she can
begin using her shiny new computer again.

How's that for torturing your child?

Instead of the latest computer technology,
the kids have resorted to wooden trains

Honestly, they don't complain too much.

They seem to enjoy the long dark evenings getting reacquainted with old toys.

And what could possibly be better than a toy that combines two of Grant's favorite things,
LEGO's and Pokemon?

Meet the Pokemon LEGO characters Grant made.

And here's his LEGO tractor set.

This kid seriously loves to build things...
including Bionicles.


and these strange looking creatures that have lived on his nightstand
for the past few weeks.

I'm sure though that all of the toy building and 'bored game' playing
will quickly be forgotten
once NOvember is over and
electronics are fired up once again.

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