Monday, November 9, 2009

Another First

Look who had their very first school picture taken!!!

Sorry for all the white spots on the picture.  That's the white out left on my scanner bed from all the times I've used white out to make a blank copy of homework for one kid (using the finished paper of the other kid) when they've left homework at school......time consuming, but effective.

ANYWAY, back to Grace.  She was SO EXCITED about this picture.  She came out of school today proudly holding it up in front of her like a dedicated union worker holding a poster on a picket line.  I had to go to Kroger, and yes, she did the same thing there.  The picture went in the store with us for all to feast their eyes upon.  A few kind souls were sweet enough to comment and she just swelled with pride even more.  What a funny kid.

After this picture was taken a few weeks ago, I've noticed something about Grace's snapshots I take around the house.

Now she "poses" every time I try to take a picture!!!  Hope that little trick fades fast.


Today when Grant was sleeping she was my little helper.  We iced cookies for Thanksgiving, folded laundry, washed clothes, sewed her costume where it was ripped, and even got our Christmas lights strung outside while it was warm and sunny (not turning them on until Thanksgiving) (in case you were wondering).  While we were watching Meg run loose in the back yard, she said, "Mom, you and me make a great team."  Enough said.  Yes, Grace, I think so too!!!

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