Monday, November 9, 2009

We're Here

Long break from blogging....unintentionally.  

The kids were home from school Thursday and Friday last week.  Our state has this "thing" about kids being in school more than three weeks consecutively without some sort of a day off.  Thus their low test scores I suppose.  Hey, someone has to be last, right?

Anyway, we made good use of the weather.  They both had friends over to play.  They had sleepovers.  John had boy scouting activities to work on.  He made a leather belt to work on one of his badges.  He is very proud of it too.  Emily skipped horse riding lessons in order to buddy up with a friend from school.  She got lucky.  Her friend spent one night here and then Emily spent another night at the friend's house.

We loaded up on Friday when everyone got home from their various friends' houses and disappeared to the farm.  We just hung out and played most of the weekend there.  We didn't get home until late Sunday evening.  Lots of pictures from the weekend, but I am going to post a few now.  I think this was the highlight of the weekend.

We went for a ride to the back of the pasture and saw this.....

David could spot something unusual a mile off.  I on the other hand, do not have the vision of a predatory being.  It took me getting a bit closer to figure out all the excitement was over something like this....

Still not figured it out?  How about this...

Kind of a dead giveaway there, huh?  We found six horses grazing happily on the back of the field.  They apparently wandered over from their own pasture looking for better grazing.  We did not know at first who they belonged to, but soon asked around and figured it out.

They were all very pretty and had been cared for.   

They all seemed friendly.

Some a bit friendlier than others.

Emily was in horse heaven.  She comes by that honestly from her mom.

I think their coats looked so rough because they're starting to get their winter coats.  It wasn't a matter of neglect.  Some of them did have burs in their mane and tail from wandering through the weeds, but other than that, I thought they all looked good.  Not that I would know, mind you.

The massive size of this one left me smiling.  It reminded me of a comment made on a trip to Grant's Farm many years ago..........sorry Grandma.

Lots of carrots and lots of pats later, it was time to load up and say good-bye.

We did run down the road and tell the neighbor where his horses were since they were not visible from the road.  By the time David left for home that evening, the horses had been returned to their own pasture non the worse for their adventure.

Gotta get going for now.  More farm pictures next time.  Have a super week!!

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  1. Hey, things happen. I started posting, and kids interrupted. Three hours and six projects later, I finally finished the post. Sorry for the ???? moment!! :-)